µRemote 1.9 is out

Hello everybody, here's a new version of uRemote

Changelog 1.9
  • FIX: Log connection error in Logger tab
  • FIX: FR translation (just one character LOL)
  • ADD: Global hotkeys for Start all, resume paused, pause started, stop all
  • ADD: If an error occurs will be logged in Logger tab with the path to Error.log file
  • CHANGE: Hotkeys for Scheduler now are Global and with other combination
Global Hotkeys (works even when uRemote is minimized)

  • Ctrl + Shift + A: Start all torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Stop all torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z: Resume all paused torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + X: Pause all active torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q: Turn Scheduler ON
  • Ctrl + Shift + W: Turn Scheduler OFF

Hotkeys (works only when uRemote is focused)

  • Ctrl + R: Force reload listing
  • Ctrl + P: Open preferences
  • F5: Show/Hide detailed info
  • F11: Open uTorrent WebUI in the default browser

µRemote 1.8 is out

Changelog 1.6:
  • FIX: Permission issue in Windows Vista / 7, now it's not necessary to run uRemote as an administrator
  • FIX: If the selected port is 443, uRemote will use https to contact the WebUI (You don't have to put https:// or http:// in hostname)
  • FIX: ETA is now more accurate
  • ADD: Ctrl + R: Reload list (F5 is already taken by the preferences window)
  • ADD: New option to launch the default browser with uTorrent WebUI (F11 is the shortcut)
  • ADD: Hungarian language, thanks to Tusk
  • ADD: Auto-retry on connection lost with incremental delay
  • ADD: Logger tab (work in progress)
  • ADD: Ctrl + S: Enables uTorrent Scheduler / Ctrl + Shift + S: Disables uTorrent Scheduler
  • ADD: "Added On" column. Pay attention to this: "Added On" and "Completed On" are not supported in WebUI API, so I have to make a workaround storing that info in a plain txt. There's a big chance that those columns don't show the same info that is in uTorrent. Other day I'll explain this better, now I don't have time.

Changelog 1.7:

  • FIX: Turn Scheduler on was not working
  • FIX: "Completed On" column was showing a wrong date
  • FIX: All bugs related to loading torrents should be solved now

Changelog 1.8:

  • ADD: Traditional Chinese, thanks to Joel Lee
  • CHANGE: Dropbox size lowered to 30x30 px