µRemote development suspended

You might have noticed the lack of updates by now, so if you are wondering what is going on and when a new version will be available, I regret to inform you I won't be updating µRemote for a while, could be month, years or forever. I'm not using this program anymore so I prefer to put my energy into other things.

µRemote 2.3.2 is out!

This release fixes an important bug that was crashing µRemote when adding big torrents.

  • FIX: crash with big torrents
  • FIX: show minor build number in about window
  • ADD: In new label window, press enter to save, escape to cancel
  • ADD: In main window, press Ctrl + L to open new label window
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

µRemote 2.3.1 is out!

  • FIX: token support partially broken (freezes µRemote after 30 minutes or so).
  • ADD: you can now drag and drop torrents in main window to load them
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

µRemote 2.3 is out!

  • FIX: Test connection not always working
  • FIX: Error when uploading a torrent if the webui username contains special characters
  • FIX: Window size issue after returning from maximized
  • ADD: Trackers tab
  • ADD: 4 more languages
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

Downloads summary

For new people asking by email here's a summary:

  • Latest version is 2.3:
Download Zip

  • Here's a screenshot (with a custom theme):
You can use the same skin that you're using in µTorrent, the only catch is that you first need to convert it to transparent png. To do this job use AlphaConv. Place the resulting png with the correct name (toolbar.png or tstatus.png) on the same folder as uRemote.exe.

  • If you wanna make a new translation or improve an existing one, check this post.

Also remember, µRemote is freeware. If you wanna make a donation via paypal you can use any of the following links (depending on the amount you want to donate):
US$ 5 - US$ 7 - US$ 10 - Choose the amount

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are always welcomed.

New language: Korean

Thanks to Dustwo for translating µRemote to Korean.

Download Korean translation for µRemote

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

Thank you all!

I would like to give thanks to all who helped with this project. Especially those who send bug reports, featured suggestions, made time to translate, wrote articles, for the forum posts, those who used µRemote and those who simply recommended others. I appreciate all your efforts. Once again, I thank you all very very much!!!
I hope all are enjoying, just as much as I enjoyed coding it.

F.Y.I: We are now officially supporting 17 languages, that is just crazy!!!

New language: Turkish

Thanks to Osman Tosun for translating µRemote to Turkish.

Download Turkish translation for µRemote

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

New language: Simplified Chinese

Thanks to hy902000 (hdchina) for translating µRemote to Simplified Chinese.

Download Simplified Chinese translation for µRemote

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

Language update: Portuguese (Brazil)

Thanks to Tiago Rafael Cintra for updating Portuguese (Brazil) translation of µRemote.

Download Portuguese (Brazil) translation for µRemote

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

Language update: Russian

Thanks to Shamaiev Stepan (aka SKiPP) for updating Russian translation of µRemote.

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

Updated installer and zip

I've updated the installer and zip with Italian corrections and the new Dutch translation.

You won't be notified of this, 'cause is a minor change.

Also there are other minor cosmetic fixes:
  • 'Filter by label' textbox is more width
  • Some partially hidden textbox in Preferences
F11 issue is also fixed.

Language update: Italian

Thanks to Giovanni Adamo for updating Italian translation of µRemote.

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

New language: Dutch

Thanks to Jeroen Bobbeldijk for translating µRemote to Dutch.

Download Dutch translation for µRemote

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder.

µRemote 2.2.2 is out!

  • FIX: tab stops in preferences
  • FIX: connection via ssl
  • FIX: italian language was outdated in the installer
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

If you access your WebUI using https, you have to write 'https://ip_or_hostname' in µRemote settings (under IP/Hostname).
If you only write your server ip or hostname without 'https://' or 'http://', µRemote is going to use 'http://'.


µRemote 2.2.1 is out!


sically, the changelog is resumed in this mockup that Single Feniks sent me:

Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace

µRemote 2.2 is out!

  • ADD: support for token authentication.
  • ADD: let the user specify the time between reloads of file list (in Preferences/UI).
  • FIX: error when using port 443 over http.
  • FIX: hotkeys removed in previous build.
  • CHANGE: only make a new torrent/file list requests after receiving a response or timeout of the latest one.

New language: Italian

Thanks to Giovanni Adamo for translating µRemote to Italian.

µRemote 2.1.2 is out!

  • FIX: DivideByZeroException when you click on a torrent containing a 0 bytes file.
  • FIX: Paused icon doesn't appear when you pause a recheck.
  • ADD: new language: Slovenian (Thanks to Metod Prelec).
Hope you like it.

New language: Slovenian

Thanks to Metod Prelec for translating µRemote to Slovenian.

µRemote 2.1.1 is out!

  • ADD: loading torrent status.
  • ADD: timeout request customization.
  • ADD: new languages: Polish (Thanks to maTTi) and Swedish (Thanks to Petrus Lundberg).
  • FIX: test connection not using defined proxy settings.
  • FIX: some missing strings to translate.
  • FIX: month display in logger.
  • FIX: additional checkouts to 'check for updates'.
  • FIX: bring to front when relaunching and it's minimized in tray.
  • CHANGE: sorting by queue order now acts like in uTorrent.
  • CHANGE: loading torrents now occurs synchronously but in a background thread.
  • CHANGE: show 'unlimited' instead of 0 kB/s in global speed menu.
Hope you like it.

Another Resx editor for translators


I'm working on my own Resx Editor, it's called Simple Resx Editor. I would love to hear some feedback.


Language update: Norwegian

Thanks to Robert A. Hestetun for completing the Norwegian translations (nn-NO and nb-NO).

New Language: Swedish

Thanks to Petrus Lundberg for translating µRemote to Swedish.

µRemote 2.1 er ute!

Endringar og nytt:

  • FIKS: feil visning av tider i log fanen (miks mellom 24 timars format og AM/PM)
  • FIKS: feil tvunget kjeldedelings ikon
  • ENDRA: forbetring av nokre metodar i høve til torrent status (lågare prosessor bruk)
  • ENDRA: 'sorter etter merkelapp' tekstboksen har nå fått vannmerke (dessverre enda på engelsk, vonar å få ordna dette snart)
  • NYTT: ny hurtig tast Ctrl + A: vel alle torrentar
  • NYTT: ny hurtig tast Ctrl + O: legg til torrent dialog boks
  • NYTT: status informasjon for tilkopla server
  • NYTT: venstre klikk på global opp-/nedlastingshastigheit for å stille denne*
*du kan endre verdien for dette under Innstillingar, Generelt fanen (skil mellom verdiane ved bruk av komma). Merk at du ikkje kan sjå kva som er gjeldande verdi, dette vil bli lagt til i kommande versjon av µRemote.

µRemote 2.1 is out!

  • FIX: incorrect display of times in logger tab (mix of 24 hours format and AM/PM)
  • FIX: incorrect forced seeding icon
  • CHANGE: improved a few methods relative to torrents status (lower cpu usage)
  • CHANGE: 'filter by label' textbox now has a watermark
  • ADD: new hotkey Ctrl + A: select all torrents
  • ADD: new hotkey Ctrl + O: add torrent dialog
  • ADD: status information for connected server
  • ADD: left click on global upload/download speed to set global upload/download speed*
*you can set those values in Preferences, General tab (separate values with comma). Also notice that you can't see what value is currently set, i'll add that on next version.

µRemote 2.0 er tilgjengeleg!

Før du installerer denne versjonen, avinstaller tidligere installert versjon!

Endringar/Nytt i 2.0 versjonen:

  • NYTT: Moglegheit for å bruke proxy innstillingane frå Internett Explorer
  • NYTT: Endre merkelapp (vil laste noverande merkelapp i ny merkelapp vindauge).
  • NYTT: Aktiver torrent fil assosiasjon direkte frå µRemote (under Innstillingar, General).
  • NYTT: Moglegheit for å sette opp µRemote til å starte automatisk når du logger på (under Innstillingar, General).
  • NYTT: Oversatt til Portugisisk (Brazil) (Takk til Tiago Rafael Cintra).
  • NYTT: Moglegheit til å aktivere/deaktivere globale huritgtastar.
  • NYTT: Du kan no lagre innlogging til så mange serverer du vil.
  • ENDRA: Reload Listing icon.
  • ENDRA: Settings.txt er no fullstendig kryptert.
  • ENDRA: Error.log vil no bli overskrevet etter 10 dagar eller om storleiken går over 200 KB.
  • FIKS: Nokre vilkårlege krasj når du lastar torrentar ved oppstart.
  • FIKS: Proxy oppkopling sente ikkje autentifikasjons header.
  • FIKS: Layout problem i skjema for "Legg til ny merkelapp".
Ynskjer også nytte denne anledningen til å minne om at nokre oversettingar manglar nokre linjer. Om du skulle ynskje å bidra kan du sjå dette innlegget.

Tips: Om du ynskjer å endre ikonet for µRemote, kan du ganske enkelt erstatte uRemote.exe.ico som du finner i samme mappe som uRemote.exe. Eg er ikkje so flink til å lage gode ikoner :)

Takk til alle som har kommenter µRemote.

µRemote 2.0 is out!

If you're going to install this, first uninstall any older version.


  • ADD: Option to use proxy settings from Internet Explorer.
  • ADD: Edit label (will load the current label on the new label window).
  • ADD: Set file association from µRemote (in Preferences, General tab).
  • ADD: Option to load µRemote when you log in (in Preferences, General tab).
  • ADD: Translation to Portuguese (Brazil) (Thanks to Tiago Rafael Cintra).
  • ADD: Option to enable/disable global hotkeys.
  • ADD: Connection manager (Now you can store as many servers as you like).
  • CHANGE: Reload Listing icon.
  • CHANGE: Settings.txt is now fully encrypted.
  • CHANGE: Error.log will be overwritten after 10 days and if it sizes is > 200 KB.
  • FIX: Some random crashes when you load torrents at startup.
  • FIX: Proxy connection not sending authentication header.
  • FIX: Layout problem in form "Add new label".
Also, I'll like to take this opportunity to remind you that some languages are missing a few lines. If you want to contribute check this post.

Tip: If you want to change the filetype icon of µRemote, just replace uRemote.exe.ico that is located in the same folder of uRemote.exe. I'm not good making icons :)

Thanks to those who wrote comments on µRemote.

µRemote is coming, stay tuned

... a sneak peak of some new features

µRemote 1.9 er tilgjengelig

Hei alle samen, her er en ny versjon av µRemote.

Endringar i 1.9 utgåven

  • FIKS: Log koblingsfeil i Logger fanen.
  • FIKS: FR oversetting (kun ein bokstav LOL)
  • NYTT: Globale hurtigtaster for Start alle, gjennoppta paused, pause startede, stop alle
  • NYTT: Om en feil oppstår vil den bli logget til Logger fanen med stien til Error.log filen
  • ENDRET: Hurtigtaster for Planlegger er nå Globale og med en annen kombinasjon
Global Hurtigtaster (fungerer selv om µRemote er minimert)

  • Ctrl + Shift + A: Start alle torrentene
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Stopp alle torrentene
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z: Gjennoppta alle pausede torrenter
  • Ctrl + Shift + X: Pause alle aktive torrenter
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q: Slå PÅ Planlegger
  • Ctrl + Shift + W: Slå AV Planlegger

Hurtigtaster (fungerer kun nå µRemote er i fokus)

  • Ctrl + R: Tvunget oppfrisking av listen
  • Ctrl + P: Åpne Innstillinger
  • F5: Vis/Skjul detaljert informasjon
  • F11: Åpne µTorrent WebUI i din standard nettleser

µRemote 1.9 is out

Hello everybody, here's a new version of uRemote

Changelog 1.9
  • FIX: Log connection error in Logger tab
  • FIX: FR translation (just one character LOL)
  • ADD: Global hotkeys for Start all, resume paused, pause started, stop all
  • ADD: If an error occurs will be logged in Logger tab with the path to Error.log file
  • CHANGE: Hotkeys for Scheduler now are Global and with other combination
Global Hotkeys (works even when uRemote is minimized)

  • Ctrl + Shift + A: Start all torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Stop all torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z: Resume all paused torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + X: Pause all active torrents
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q: Turn Scheduler ON
  • Ctrl + Shift + W: Turn Scheduler OFF

Hotkeys (works only when uRemote is focused)

  • Ctrl + R: Force reload listing
  • Ctrl + P: Open preferences
  • F5: Show/Hide detailed info
  • F11: Open uTorrent WebUI in the default browser

µRemote 1.8 is out

Changelog 1.6:
  • FIX: Permission issue in Windows Vista / 7, now it's not necessary to run uRemote as an administrator
  • FIX: If the selected port is 443, uRemote will use https to contact the WebUI (You don't have to put https:// or http:// in hostname)
  • FIX: ETA is now more accurate
  • ADD: Ctrl + R: Reload list (F5 is already taken by the preferences window)
  • ADD: New option to launch the default browser with uTorrent WebUI (F11 is the shortcut)
  • ADD: Hungarian language, thanks to Tusk
  • ADD: Auto-retry on connection lost with incremental delay
  • ADD: Logger tab (work in progress)
  • ADD: Ctrl + S: Enables uTorrent Scheduler / Ctrl + Shift + S: Disables uTorrent Scheduler
  • ADD: "Added On" column. Pay attention to this: "Added On" and "Completed On" are not supported in WebUI API, so I have to make a workaround storing that info in a plain txt. There's a big chance that those columns don't show the same info that is in uTorrent. Other day I'll explain this better, now I don't have time.

Changelog 1.7:

  • FIX: Turn Scheduler on was not working
  • FIX: "Completed On" column was showing a wrong date
  • FIX: All bugs related to loading torrents should be solved now

Changelog 1.8:

  • ADD: Traditional Chinese, thanks to Joel Lee
  • CHANGE: Dropbox size lowered to 30x30 px