µRemote 2.2 is out!

  • ADD: support for token authentication.
  • ADD: let the user specify the time between reloads of file list (in Preferences/UI).
  • FIX: error when using port 443 over http.
  • FIX: hotkeys removed in previous build.
  • CHANGE: only make a new torrent/file list requests after receiving a response or timeout of the latest one.


Anonymous said...

I sent my proposal to improve the program for e-mail "matias.ar"!

Single Feniks

Basjohn said...

Rapidshare :'/

Those of us behind transparent proxies (that is, the whole of Africa and most of Asia) can't download from them. Why not use mediafire instead? Trying to get some of those points to a premium account?

Oh wells.

Matías said...

I've added another mirror without limitations (apparently).

I was using Rapidshare because was the only one I knew. You can't get points for files under 5 MB, so, no, i'm not trying to get points for a premium account.

Basjohn said...

Huzzahs abound for actually being able to download it now!