Magnet links and µRemote

Good news guys, µRemote already supports magnet links.

If you are having trouble with this, all you need to do is update webui core.


µRemote 2.3.4 is out!

  • FIX: Broken token authentication with last version of µTorrent
Download Zip
Download Zip (Mirror)

MD5: 9f3f0824e75e95f52061195cc34a1d81

µRemote development suspended

You might have noticed the lack of updates by now, so if you are wondering what is going on and when a new version will be available, I regret to inform you I won't be updating µRemote for a while, could be month, years or forever. I'm not using this program anymore so I prefer to put my energy into other things.

µRemote 2.3.2 is out!

This release fixes an important bug that was crashing µRemote when adding big torrents.

  • FIX: crash with big torrents
  • FIX: show minor build number in about window
  • ADD: In new label window, press enter to save, escape to cancel
  • ADD: In main window, press Ctrl + L to open new label window
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

µRemote 2.3.1 is out!

  • FIX: token support partially broken (freezes µRemote after 30 minutes or so).
  • ADD: you can now drag and drop torrents in main window to load them
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

µRemote 2.3 is out!

  • FIX: Test connection not always working
  • FIX: Error when uploading a torrent if the webui username contains special characters
  • FIX: Window size issue after returning from maximized
  • ADD: Trackers tab
  • ADD: 4 more languages
Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace.

Downloads summary

For new people asking by email here's a summary:

  • Latest version is 2.3:
Download Zip

  • Here's a screenshot (with a custom theme):
You can use the same skin that you're using in µTorrent, the only catch is that you first need to convert it to transparent png. To do this job use AlphaConv. Place the resulting png with the correct name (toolbar.png or tstatus.png) on the same folder as uRemote.exe.

  • If you wanna make a new translation or improve an existing one, check this post.

Also remember, µRemote is freeware. If you wanna make a donation via paypal you can use any of the following links (depending on the amount you want to donate):
US$ 5 - US$ 7 - US$ 10 - Choose the amount

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are always welcomed.

New language: Korean

Thanks to Dustwo for translating µRemote to Korean.

Download Korean translation for µRemote

To Install:
Unzip into uRemote's folder and replace (uRemote should not be running).

Thank you all!

I would like to give thanks to all who helped with this project. Especially those who send bug reports, featured suggestions, made time to translate, wrote articles, for the forum posts, those who used µRemote and those who simply recommended others. I appreciate all your efforts. Once again, I thank you all very very much!!!
I hope all are enjoying, just as much as I enjoyed coding it.

F.Y.I: We are now officially supporting 17 languages, that is just crazy!!!