Downloads summary

For new people asking by email here's a summary:

  • Latest version is 2.3:
Download Zip

  • Here's a screenshot (with a custom theme):
You can use the same skin that you're using in µTorrent, the only catch is that you first need to convert it to transparent png. To do this job use AlphaConv. Place the resulting png with the correct name (toolbar.png or tstatus.png) on the same folder as uRemote.exe.

  • If you wanna make a new translation or improve an existing one, check this post.

Also remember, µRemote is freeware. If you wanna make a donation via paypal you can use any of the following links (depending on the amount you want to donate):
US$ 5 - US$ 7 - US$ 10 - Choose the amount

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are always welcomed.

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