Magnet links and µRemote

Good news guys, µRemote already supports magnet links.

If you are having trouble with this, all you need to do is update webui core.


It's quite simple actually.

  • Go to this thread in µTorrent's forum, and in the first post you'll find the download link to the last version of
  • Close µTorrent if it is opened, and go %appdata%\uTorrent

  • Remove the old and replace with the latest version you've just downloaded. Make sure to rename it to
  • Open up µTorrent again, and voilà.
  • Now you can add magnet links though the Add from url option in µRemote.

Now, you can use those awesome magnet links 

Remember that you could also take advantage of µRemote's dropbox (enable that from the system tray icon if it is hidden) to load magnet links by a simple drag and drop:

Cool, huh?


Leo said...

is it possible to assosicate magnet link?

ricardojrm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ricardojrm said...

Thank you a lot for that!

Ghost Gunner said...

Why is copy & paste the only way to open a magnet? Why don't you associate magnet files?

Anonymous said...

can you pls add an option to enable SSL ?

thank you a lot :)

leecher said...

Super Arbeit! eine ssl Unterstützung wäre sehr nett

Anonymous said...

Is uRemote able to change the location of a particular torrent on a hard drive?

Anonymous said...

No. It is not possible to do that on uRemote.

Anonymous said...

Will it ever be?

Garikai Dzoma. said...

Thanks for a great App man!