µRemote 2.0 is out!

If you're going to install this, first uninstall any older version.


  • ADD: Option to use proxy settings from Internet Explorer.
  • ADD: Edit label (will load the current label on the new label window).
  • ADD: Set file association from µRemote (in Preferences, General tab).
  • ADD: Option to load µRemote when you log in (in Preferences, General tab).
  • ADD: Translation to Portuguese (Brazil) (Thanks to Tiago Rafael Cintra).
  • ADD: Option to enable/disable global hotkeys.
  • ADD: Connection manager (Now you can store as many servers as you like).
  • CHANGE: Reload Listing icon.
  • CHANGE: Settings.txt is now fully encrypted.
  • CHANGE: Error.log will be overwritten after 10 days and if it sizes is > 200 KB.
  • FIX: Some random crashes when you load torrents at startup.
  • FIX: Proxy connection not sending authentication header.
  • FIX: Layout problem in form "Add new label".
Also, I'll like to take this opportunity to remind you that some languages are missing a few lines. If you want to contribute check this post.

Tip: If you want to change the filetype icon of µRemote, just replace uRemote.exe.ico that is located in the same folder of uRemote.exe. I'm not good making icons :)

Thanks to those who wrote comments on µRemote.

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