Updated installer and zip

I've updated the installer and zip with Italian corrections and the new Dutch translation.

You won't be notified of this, 'cause is a minor change.

Also there are other minor cosmetic fixes:
  • 'Filter by label' textbox is more width
  • Some partially hidden textbox in Preferences
F11 issue is also fixed.


Anonymous said...

Hello Again! Please check the correctness of the information display the date dobavvleniya torrent and the end date of download. I have these dates in uRemote not coincide with reality in uTorrent! And, if possible, add the possibility of organizing the two columns at the same time.

Single Feniks

Matías said...

Please, read the last item in 1.6 changelog here

Jordan Mills said...

I tried installing the new version, but it doesn't run. I get an error, "unable to write to filesystem." It doesn't tell me what it's trying to write to, but if it doesn't have permission under my account, then it shouldn't be writing there.

Matías said...

If you're using the installer, it's trying to create 'uRemote' folder in %PROGRAMFILES%

Tiago Rafael Cintra said...

Hello Matias.

I send email in Portuguese. Do you understand Portuguese?