µRemote 2.1.2 is out!

  • FIX: DivideByZeroException when you click on a torrent containing a 0 bytes file.
  • FIX: Paused icon doesn't appear when you pause a recheck.
  • ADD: new language: Slovenian (Thanks to Metod Prelec).
Hope you like it.


Tiago Rafael Cintra said...

Goood Matias!!!

kamil said...

This program is amazing for people with media servers like myself. I have uTorrent running on Windows Home Server as a service with a public share that anyone can throw torrents into. uTorrent immediately loads those torrents, downloads to a separate drive and when completed, the file is moved into the network shared data drive so anyone can categorize it.

After using uTorrent on my own computer for so long I had gotten used to having immediate access to my torrents to pause/force start/reorder etc. Now I can continue to do all this while my server does all the actual work. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Will there be a rss gui, too?

kamil said...

If he comes out with an RSS gui I will gladly throw some cash his way :) It's the only thing stopping this program from being a complete front end to a remote uTorrent service. Unfortunately until the webui supports the RSS downloader, it might be a bit difficult to accomplish :(

Anonymous said...

You can use
Torrent episode downloader for rss
then you wont need to run rss in Uremote

Jason said...

Why does uRemote use soooo many outgoing connections? I run a netstat and there are like 50 connections all at TIME_WAIT to my uTorrent server.

JustSaint said...

How can i remove .torrent file from program?

JustSaint said...

And it'll be very good if u add a labels frame at left side, just like at webui

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this software but I have some problem to configure with my torrent client call Deluge ! Here the link where I explain the problem : link

Matías said...

µRemote is for µTorrent ONLY.

Andreas said...

First I want to thank you soo much for the work you do with this program!!
I have nothing to complain about, just a question about the version. I downloaded the latest 2.1.2 installer, but in the aboutbox it says 2.1. It just made me unsure if I had done something wrong...
Thanks again!

Matías said...

Andreas, the last build number (.2 in this case) is not shown.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Mathias !
Btw, I have a problem while adding torrents by clinking on them (in my browser)...they dont load in uRemote.
But if I add them by URL, they do...

Also, will you be able to display the peer list and others uTorrent's functionalities ?

Matías said...


Do you see any error in logger tab? If it's a public tracker could you give me the address (or send me a torrent to test)?

Display peer list is not exposed as a functionality in uTorrent API.

Anonymous said...

In uRemote its says an error has occured few sec after clicing the torrent...
When I look into error.log, that's what I see (its french) :

2009/05/20 20:07:29
--> Source:
--> Inner Exception:

--> Message:
La demande a été abandonnée : La demande a été annulée.
--> StackTrace:
à System.Net.ConnectStream.InternalWrite(Boolean async, Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, AsyncCallback callback, Object state)
à System.Net.ConnectStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size)
à uRemote.Connection.UploadTorrent(Object path)
--> Data:
--> Error Code:

Same thing happens with both public and private trackers.
Thats weird because I added few torrents like 2hours ago and it was working fine :/

As I told : public torrents still works when added by url.

Please, help =O

Matías said...

anon, i couldn't reproduce that error... seems like a network failure (maybe your internet connection or the tracker is too unstable?)

Anonymous said...

I just restarted my PC and it works fine now :)
Thanks for your help anyway...
Keep your awsome work up :D !

Anonymous said...

Tnx 4 the brilliant work.

Amazing I haven't discovered it earlier!