µRemote 2.1 is out!

  • FIX: incorrect display of times in logger tab (mix of 24 hours format and AM/PM)
  • FIX: incorrect forced seeding icon
  • CHANGE: improved a few methods relative to torrents status (lower cpu usage)
  • CHANGE: 'filter by label' textbox now has a watermark
  • ADD: new hotkey Ctrl + A: select all torrents
  • ADD: new hotkey Ctrl + O: add torrent dialog
  • ADD: status information for connected server
  • ADD: left click on global upload/download speed to set global upload/download speed*
*you can set those values in Preferences, General tab (separate values with comma). Also notice that you can't see what value is currently set, i'll add that on next version.


Maskar said...

any plans for adding changing the download order feature? also adding utorrent configuration management features would be great to have utorrent run as a service and use your application to manage it

Matías said...

The first request is not supported by WebUI API.

doGman said...

Is it possible to add a context menu option to open the folder with downloded files? It should be able to configure the main shared folder with the downloads (e.g. "\\server\torrents") and then just find the current one (e.g. "..\finished\LinuxISO\") and open it in the Explorer (e.g. "\\server\torrents\finished\LinuxISO\").

Matías said...


There's currently no way to know the folder where the torrent is stored, not even the folder name created by the torrent.